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Client de-auth, no IP

Received a ticket today from a user who was "dropped" from WiFi while sitting in their office (yellow "no internet access" icon).  User was not able to re-connect and eventually plugged in to get back online. 120 other users in the suite having no problems at all.  In searching the user's MAC in the logs, I came across this entry dozens of times:



Jun 11 13:26:06 2018 XXXX-XX-WC-01 authmgr[3969]: <199802> <ERRS>
<XXXX-XX-WC-01> message.c, handle_sta_up_dn:2649:
handle_sta_up_dn(): 2649, fast-roam for mac e4:a4:71:19:a9:29 before
ip-user is created. Send de-auth.



I've never encountered this error before.  The client is GPO-attached to an 802.1x SSID that does not have 11r or 11k enabled.  Radius server logs don't seem to indicate a problem.  Any ideas before I open a case?  Code level w/ 7200 WLC's and AP225's.

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Re: Client de-auth, no IP

Have you tried upgrading the client wireless drivers to the latest?

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Re: Client de-auth, no IP

At his point I have not, as this is a standard-issue laptop running the same NIC and driver package as hundreds if not thousands of others and this isn't something I've seen previously.  That being said, it is an Intel 8260 and those of us that lived through the 7260 experience know to never trust!  I spoke with the user tonight and he reported that he put the laptop into sleep mode, took it home and when it woke, it wouldn't connect at home either. He then rebooted it and it was fine, and I'm sure it will be fine at the office tomorrow and probably for the rest of it's service life in our organization.  We're due for a driver review so I'm going to start testing with the 20.50 package this week and get this particular user on the pilot.  


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Re: Client de-auth, no IP

Long shot but check the power settings in device manager. Don't let the card go to sleep to save power. 

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Re: Client de-auth, no IP

As it turns out it appears to be a client driver glitch. The user took the laptop home and it refused to connect there either, until it was rebooted. He upgraded to the latest driver and we're keeping an eye on it. Thanks.



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