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Client did not complete eap transaction....Windows 10 build 1607

New laptop Windows 10 build 1511 connects to CPPM. Same machine Windows 10 build 1607 does not connect with "client did not complete eap transaction. Other devices (surface pro) with Windows 10 1511 are ok. With Windows 10 1607 ..no good. Using machine authentication no certificate checks...I could go into the details of my set up but I believe there is no need since the issue is Windows 10 build 1607 .everything else being the same. Just wondering if this is a known issue? I have come across posts on the web and here but no luck. Note the Windows 10 1607 with user AD authentication does connect. WPA2 ent. Manually I put in SSID and username password I connect...so the timeout on access tracker is limited to machine authentication and Windows 10 1607....


Found the solution: windows 10 build 1607 has new security features Device guard/Credential guard. the following links lead me disable Device Guard and then my Wifi connection was instantaneouls connecting as it should...may or may not be the best solution as using certificates is recommended...




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