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Client disconnecting..maybe wips configuration is the cause




I have configured WIPS and also enabled Rogue aware scan and disabled client aware scan. enabled other arm features like Band steering (prefer 5ghz).

but the clients are getting disconnected from ssid after some time..i havent enabled ' Drop broadcast and multicast '.

Using controller 3200 with 6.x os and 2 ap 105 .


Is the wips configuration and disabling client aware scan causing the issue?




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Re: Client disconnecting..maybe wips configuration is the cause

Have you checked the local logs to see the reason?  It should give you good information on what is happening. You can also enable debug logging to get even more detailed info if needed.


For example you could enable security and user debugging as follows from the command line of the controller:


logging level debugging security
logging level debugging user



Re: Client disconnecting..maybe wips configuration is the cause

You should also try running 'Show ap monitoring contianment-info' for an AP that is having the problem.  It will tell you if the AP is attempting to wirelessly contain any of the clients.


If you go through the WIP wizard, on step 5 make sure none of the auto protection mechanisms are enabled.  Also click on the 'containment methods' link at the bottom of step five and you can verify that wired and wireless containment are disabled.


I would be surprsied if any of the WIP configurations were cuasing the client disconnects.  WIP primarily focuses around keeping your clients on your network and off of neighboring/rogue networks.

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