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Re: Client disconnects randomly

GM Ricky,

Did you find a resolution to this issue? We are having the same issue now with two Microsoft Surface laptops.


Thank you


Tom Engeleit
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Re: Client disconnects randomly

Hi Tom,


I do not remember what specificly i did but yes it was solved. you should check the interference level, how many APs in a area which could be too many or too far away (in-consistent distant between each AP but using same power profile could cause some problem), BC/MC optimization (don't forget on the wired side), and i believe i turned the 802.11h on.

hope it helps. debugging a specific mac address should also help.

Ricky E. Lee
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Re: Client disconnects randomly



You might want to upgrade.

There was similar problems with surface machines in particular, but it did affect other devices as well.

Have a look at this thread.




I had a customer with the same problem on surface devices, after upgrade the devices behaved as expected.


You should look into upgrading to og

At the moment is the latest on 6.5 and it's marked as conservative, so you should be pretty safe.



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