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Client information

Currently in my environment, we supply a guest network, utilizing ClearPass for client guest provisioning, we also have Airwave 7.7.11 with 7220 Controllers version

the clients are identified though the built in finger print process; however, I am being asked by my management for information of the type of top web traffic we are seeing on this guest network.


My question is this:  Can either ClearPass, Airwave or the Local controller software break down what type of traffic these users are going to?  it does not have to be specific, looking more for social media or streaming media, etc...


Not sure if this technology has the ability to report on this or would a webfiter be better suited for this?


Thank you in advance!!





Re: Client information

You'll get this information with 6.4 on the controllers when using AppRF 2.0 and DPI (deep packet inspection).  This data can then be reported up to AirWave and reported on (8.x).   Depending on the level of granularity you need to get to with the reports, AirWave may or may not suit your needs for the reporting aspect.



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