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Clients not getting dhcp address


  I configured 10 new APs and everything was great except, whenever a client tries to connect he/she will not get a DHCP address. For some reason the DHCP server is not replying to requests. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: Clients not getting dhcp address

Can you provide some more information. 


  • Are you using IAP or controller?
  • Who is the DHCP server? Wireless network or dedicated DHCP server?
  • Is the DHCP server in the same VLAN as the clients?
  • To which VLAN ID are clients assigned?
  • Did you tag the correct VLAN on the switchport pointing to the controller / IAP access-points?

There are multiple possibilities why DHCP isn't working, but we definitely need more information.

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Re: Clients not getting dhcp address


1- I am using a WLC 3200 ser

2- DHCP is a dedicated server

3- AP, WLC and users in the same Vlan. 

I can ping the AP from the controller, the only problem users can't get IP address. I am wondering if there is a command that allow me to see the what is the packets doing? 

Thanks in advance. 

Re: Clients not getting dhcp address

Hi Zaid,


1. Is the SSID configured in tunnel or bridge mode?


Please mention the name of the SSID


Please paster output for :


show ap bss-table

show ap essid


2. We can enable network logging to check dhcp trace


Config# logging level debugging network process dhcpd subcat all


# show log network all | include <mac-address of client>


Re: Clients not getting dhcp address

Also to confirm if DHCP is working at all for the infrastructure, configure a wired switch port with the same VLAN as the VAP then plug a laptop into the configured switch port and see if you can obtain an IP address.

You didn't mention if the DHCP server is in the same VLAN as the clients. If it is not in the same VLAN then you will need to ensure that an ip-helper address is added to the Layer 3 VLAN interface for the client VLAN.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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