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Cluster and LMS/BKP-LMS IP

I am designing a network with two 7220 controllers in one cluster. both controllers are in the same vlan and I configured VRRP between them. I though it would be a good idea to configure LMS-IP to be the virtual VRRP IP address and leave BKP-LMS IP empty, but I found in Aruba documentation they are using controller physical IP address, and not VRRP, for LMS IP. I beleive this is due to the fact that AP will receive node list eventually and will point to this node list, and not LMS IP, but LMS-IP redundancy is needed also.


in my scenario of two controllers only, which option is recommended:





2- LMS IP: Controller 1 IP

BKP LMS IP: Controller 2 IP



BKP LMS IP: Controller 1 or Controller 2

(in case of IP conflict with VRRP IP address)


Thank you




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Re: Cluster and LMS/BKP-LMS IP

4.  LMS-IP Blank.


The APs only have to discover the controller VRRP and the nodelist will be distributed to them.  Your "cold boot" discovery method (dns or dhcp option) should be pointing to the VRRP between controllers.  When the AP hits the cluster, the nodelist will be pushed to flash on the AP and will survive a reboot.  The dns or dhcp option is really only needed for the first time an AP is provisioned and the lms-ip is only if you want an AP to find a cluster besides the first one that it finds on initial cold boot.  backup-lms ip would be for the paranoid who need a second redundancy option beyond  what a cluster provides.

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