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Cluster in AOS8.4

we are working on clustering for the new AOS8.4 and have a question. our setup looks like this:

Managed networks


   -office 1

       - controller 1

        -controller 2

     office 2

         - controller 1

         - controller 2


should we configure the cluster on the StaticConfig folder and pass down to all controllers or configure it at the local controller level (ie office (1 or 2)


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Re: Cluster in AOS8.4

The cluster profile needs to be configured at the folder level.

Whilst a controller can be in different cluster profiles, it can only have a membership in one of them.

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Re: Cluster in AOS8.4

thank you for the reply. with our setup having 5 office folders and one static config folder that houses all offices, do you suggest configuring the cluster at the top level so all office folders have the cluster ?

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Re: Cluster in AOS8.4

You should do it at the office folder level for each set of controllers

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Re: Cluster in AOS8.4

As others have stated, I recommend defining it at the group node that contains the device nodes that will be the cluster members. This way, the config is inherited by each of the device nodes. From there, you will have to go to each of the device nodes and assign the cluster profile to the MC.


I hope this helps,


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