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Co-existence Support: Bluetooth Centred



Trying to troubleshoot some clients (notebooks) with problems connecting 2.4Ghz  I found something intersting running the following comand on Windows 10:


net wlan show all


Wireless Device Capabilities

Co-existence Support                        : Bluetooth Centred (Bluetooth has preference)


but in other devices that does not have problems the same command returns:


Co-existence Support                        : Wi-Fi performance is maintained


Does anyone knows if this means that bluetooth connectivity will have preference over wi-fi connectivity? and how to change this?



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Re: Co-existence Support: Bluetooth Centred

Found this page at Microsoft on the feature. Bluetooth and WLAN (2.4GHz radio) both use the 2.4GHz band which results in interference if both radios are operated at the same time. And from the link, it even appears that combined modules with WLAN and Bluetooth may even share antennas which mean you need to time-share the radios. In that case, you can control which one you think is most important, WLAN or BLE and will get the best performance (biggest timeshare).


So, some assumptions, but I think it is getting near to the truth.

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