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I have a problem with a command each AP , this command is different for each AP and these APs I have them in a group with a template. Is there a command for me not to compare this line? When I compare it I get the AP is mismatched.





Re: Compare Template

Look at the UserGuide - for 7.5 it's on page 163 "Using Directives to Eliminate Reporting of Configuration Mismatches"


The command I think you want is:





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Re: Compare Template

On the template edit page, there's a section to the right that describes some possible template flags you can use:


<ignore_and_do_not_push></ignore_and_do_not_push> and []

<push_and_exclude></push_and_exclude> and ()

These tags can be used to achieve a good configuration.

Please refer to the User Guide for more information.


For items unique to that device type, you will want to make sure you have an ignore line and a separate push line (especially if you use AMP to manage device config).


If it's a specific item for a single device, you may also want to use the ap_include variables.

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