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Concurrent voice calls on ap105

We have a requirement for a conference wth 20 - 30 people all on the same voice conference on the same ap105. We use microsoft to deliver voice. A lync conf call is 160kbps per client , how many concurrent calls could we realistically cater for without WMM? Our AP;s are in bridge mode and it appears that you cant use WMM in bridge mode..I believe this is more than just a bandwidth question...

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Re: Concurrent voice calls on ap105



If you are deploying Lync, please consult the document here:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/pdf/solutions/SG_DeployMicrosoftLync.pdf


It will answer a great deal about your questions about how to deploy, specific to Lync.


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Re: Concurrent voice calls on ap105

We already have lync deployed, It doenst really matter that its lync its just a general question really about how many voice calls one AP105 can take... We have a new requirement for an office where they are thinking of having miimal wiring..

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