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Config's Quake Style!

One challenge I always had was reading config files. They are dense, full of Aruba defaults etc. it's just plain hard on the eyes.


Recently I found a cool solution, that I don't think has been mentioned here before. 

TextMate is an open source text editor for OSX that does syntax highlighting and coding assistance. It's great for coding perl, python, css etc. But recenlty I found that it's also very good at highlighting Aruba OS config files. 


When I loaded a .cfg file it suggested using the built in context filter of "Quake Style" I said yes and WOW it makes configs MUCH easier on the eyes.


Take a look and judge for yourself.


What are your favorite ways to view/edit config files?





Re: Config's Quake Style!

nice tip:smileywink:

Im using notepad++ (win32/64bit) - getting the same results.

*Dont forget to choose language-batch - to get the same highlights*


download link:



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