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Configure APIN0325 with IAP 325



I have never worked with Aruba devices and need your help.

My new customer already has Aruba 2530 switch and IAP 325 (instant mode AP). They bought a new APIN0325 access point (not IAP) and want connect it with IAP 325 Virtual Controller (not configured yet).

Is it a supported configuration or they need a physical mobility controller (like 7005) in addition to these devices?


Second question - How to configure this AP? It blings green light after boot. AP receives an IP address from the local DHCP server, I can ping it but I don't have an access to the Web UI using this IP(


Thanks for any help!!!


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Re: Configure APIN0325 with IAP 325

You would need to ensure the AP325 is actually an IAP325. An AP325 does not have the correct firmware (not can it be converted into an IAP) to join an IAP325 cluster. If you wanted to configure the AP325 you would need a controller.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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