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Configuring IP address for an AP-515 managed by Aruba Central

Good afternoon - 


I am attempting to get a group of AP-515's in a new office configured. I have them accessible in Aruba Central, but they have obtained an IP assignment via DHCP. 


I would like to configure their IPs manually (in a different VLAN), but do not seem to be able to see how to change the IP assignment of the devices in Aruba Central. I saw the console window, and thought I might be able to figure out how to do it there, but am unable to log in to the AP's console that way. I have tried "admin", "password" and the device serial number for the admin@localhost password, but none of them work.


This particular office is over 500 miles from me, and my employer has imposed strict travel bans, so I am unable to travel there.


I might be able to get an employee onside, but if I can do what I need to do without bothering an employee, that would be ideal.


Can someone help me out?

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Re: Configuring IP address for an AP-515 managed by Aruba Central

To update:

I managed to find how to set the IP to static, however the device is not using the static assignment that I placed in there.


Not sure what to do at this point.


I really want to get them all statically assigned, so they are not taking up space in my DHCP pool.

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