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Configuring Power Level on AP

Good Afternoon,


I have been searching for this answer:


Can the power levels of the Access Points be configured?


And how do I go about doing it?


I know that if I have  POE switch in place, that would be the place to provision the power.  But can the Access Points themselves be provised?


Re: Configuring Power Level on AP

From the controller you can configure the ARM profile to set wireless power levels, but I'm confused by your reference to PoE.

Are you asking about wireless signal power levels, or PoE power consumption?


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Re: Configuring Power Level on AP



I am new to the product. 


I have an AP that is adjusting it's Power and was trying to figure out where to modify the configuration.


As far as it goes with the PoE, I was talkiing more in terms of power consumption.


But again, you have answered my question.



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