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Configuring VLANs on S2500-48P


I currently have two ciscos as my core switches and 8 Aruba S2500-24 as remote switches. One of the cisco controls the VLAN settings and has about 8 ports setup as public access ports that have 4 devices with public IPs plugged in. Internet Traffic goes from the client to the default gateway, to the core switch then to the internet via a router in the public IP group.

I have recently bought 2 Aruba S2500-48 that I want to replace the Cisco 3560 with but am not sure how to go about it.

I added all the required VLANs to the Aruba and created the Public access ports. When plugged into the public ports I can browse the internet But no clients on the internal network can get to the internet.


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Re: Configuring VLANs on S2500-48P


For clients using private IP addresses you need to enable 'NAT' (ip nat inside) on "ALL" the ingress RVI interface(s) of the client(s).

 or much better would to use latest 7.4 version of Aruba switch, which provides option of 'ip nat outside', which can be applied on Just the 'egress' RVI interface  (towards core switch).


 NAT'ing is required for the 'reverse' traffic.

  If this doesn't resolve your issue, then I have mis-understood your toplogy, in that case provide detailed topology diagram.



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