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Configuring controller for RAPs.

Im configuring a 620 controller running 6.1 for some remote access points (RAP-2WGs ones) and im a little confused about all the sources of information surrounding this configuration.


i found these documents / websites:

Release 6.1 User Guide (which goes through steps like configuring the needed policies and everything, which are there by default i believe)

Aruba Mobility Bootcamp Student Guide Vol 1

VRD - Aruba Remote Access Point (RAP) Networks - Version 8 (which seems to explain it best and actually give some info on the different posibilities)




with some experimenting i come to the conclusion that on a ArubaOS 6.1 system and using Zero touch provisioning the only things i have to configure are:


1) and address pool under: Configuration > Advanced Services > VPN Services > IPSEC; Address Pools

2) add the AP to the whitelist


is that correct?


of course a separate AP group with the settings for RAPs is something you probably want, but it isn't needed.


is it correct that the WLAN/LAN wizard doesn't do the part above except creating the correct settings within the AP group?


Re: Configuring controller for RAPs.

Yes, those are the only two steps you need to take to get a RAP connected when using the Zero Touch Provisioning; and then as you mention setting the appropriate settings within its AP Group.


Almost too simple  ;-)

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Re: Configuring controller for RAPs.

clembo wrote:

Almost too simple  ;-)

yeah it is, probably the reason i was confused by all the info out there surrounding it.


would be nice if the aruba wizard (which is usually quite good) would include that DHCP range somewhere in a RAP wizard or such.


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