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Connecting an AP-104 to an ANT-18

I recently purchased 2x AP-104s and 2x ANT-18s:


I found this documentation on the site for connecting an ANT-18 to an AP-92 REF: https://arubanetworkskb.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/HowTo/How-to-connect-AP-92-to-ANT-17-or-ANT-18 – however, the AP-104s have 4x ports – which ports do I use to connect the ANT-18?


I understand that the center connection on the ANT-18 is not used - which ports on the AP-104 should the left and right ANT-18 connections be plugged into, respectively?   


Ports: R1/A1 and R0/A1 or

Ports: R0/A0 and R1/A0 or

Ports: R1/A0 and R1/A1 or

Ports: R0/A0 and R0\A1


My understanding is that the:


R0/A0 and R0/A1 are the A Radios

R1/A0 and R1/A1 are the B/G Radios


Is this correct?


Any assistance would be very helpful



Re: Connecting an AP-104 to an ANT-18

On the AP-104:

R0/A0 is 5GHz

R0/A1 is 5GHz

R1/A0 is 2.4GHz

R1/A1 is 2.4GHz


When using the ANT-18, you only connect two of the connections.    I am not sure if it matters, but I would use R0/A0 and R1/A0.

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Re: Connecting an AP-104 to an ANT-18

Thank you for the feedback. I'll get these installed using your recommendation.

Re: Connecting an AP-104 to an ANT-18

But do you need 2 ANT-18's to enable both 2.5 and 5ghz at the same time?



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