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Connection dropping

My wireless connections keep dropping off.  I have 3 different school buildings that each have their own Virtual Controller.  I can sit there and be connected to one of my SSID's and all of a sudden the I lose my connection and it says not connected.  I can then go and reconnect to the same SSID and it will connect for a few minutes then do the same thing.  It does not matter if I am on our secured wireless, our guest wireless or the hiddden utility wireless.  It also does not seem to be happening to just one type of device as we have IPAD's, Chromebooks, Chromebases and peoples smartphone.  My teachers are starting to get frustrated because they will be connected showing something and then out of nowhere they lose their connection.

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Re: Connection dropping



Hard to pinpoint the problem, without more info.

How about listing the controller, AP type, and running software version as well.


I have seen a few problem regarding AP-225, but as i don't know your setup i can't say.


At the same time, find a client with the problem and add a user-debug towards the client.


#logging level debugging user-debug <mac>


This might point you in the right direction of the problem.


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Re: Connection dropping

If this is an urgent/major issue, please open a TAC case.

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Re: Connection dropping

What type of IAP are you using ?

What Instant OS do you have installed ?

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Connection dropping

We are running IAP-105's version

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