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Connection issues%21

We have 7240 controller and 300 AP 105, have been facing below issues:-


  • Access Points are getting hanged and users are not able to connect/authenticate to the SSID. But we are able to ping the Access point. And when the Access point is rebooted it works fine. This happen randomly to any access point.
  • Access Points user exceeding 30 users shows the signal quality as weak.
  • The users are connected to the SSID but still the number of clients connected to the SSIDs are shown as 0 in the controller UI.
  • Access point is shown in the controller database even after being removed.
  • Controller webpage takes too much time to load and sometimes get hanged.


Please suggest..thanks in advance


Re: Connection issues%21

first and foremost you should contact TAC - this issue on the surface seems bigger than something that can be solved via the forum.


Having said that, and Ignoring the signal strength one as that seems unrelated, my first question is what exact ArubaOS version are you on ?


At least two of the below problems could be explained by recent bugs (there was a client match issue that caused APs to get stuck until reboot, and various mdns mem leaks on the controller that could be causing crashes which would manifest as problems with the webUI etc.)





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