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Connectivity Question

Hi All,


So I've been hearing some feedback of poor connections to our Aruba WLAN and ran some tests through the controller. I'm not sure how to interprit the data and what "good" numbers would be for these tests.


Any feedback or insight would be greatly appreciated.


Device is approximately 15-20 feet from AP-135. There is some interfering APs and SSIDs as this network is setup in a hotel for a 3-day conference, but this is probably the most secluded of the bunch. It is a high density environment, but this room only has 2-3 devices on the AP.


If possible what would this connection be rated at?


Great / Good / Ok / Poor / Terrible







Michael Haring
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Re: Connectivity Question

Also - These tests were on the 802.11a radio

Michael Haring
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Re: Connectivity Question

It looks good


If you are trying to determine the throughput you should run the perf-test command:

client                  perf-test runs in client mode
port                    perf-test default port 5001
server                  perf-test runs in server mode

 And install jperf on your laptop and do a couple of test from there :



This is will give a better idea 


Also see if ARM is making a lot of power/channel changes "show ap arm history ap-name <apname> , if that's case you may want to reduce the power so your APs don't interfere too much with the other non manage APs 

Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Connectivity Question

Thanks for the feedback!


I will look into the perf commands and maybe do some testing with that as well. Will those cause additional stress on the network side? I don't want to make it worse while events are going on.


As far as the ARM history, on that AP, their were 14 channel/power changes from 5am-2pm. I didn't check passed 2pm.


We have a very dense deployment because this is a conference and we have a large number of devices using the wireless at the same time.

Michael Haring
If my answer is helpful, a Kudos is always appreciated!
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