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Hello community,

We are a hospital center with 2 health site interconnected via dedicated link 100 Mb / s (No break on link and latency to the environment 10ms) and a retirement home via link 10mb / s.

Our network is complete HPE and wifi Aruba. Our wifi network is controlled by the 7200 series controller on the main site.


Site 1: 200 AP

Site 2: 150 AP
Site 3: 75 AP


This configuration has been advised and installed by our integrator. The most logical and cheapest configuration with all the application servers are on the main site according to him.

The reliability of our network does not suit us on the second site. We ask ourselves a lot of questions about the chosen configuration. Latency and loss in the annex of the site.

The choice of the controller only on the main site is the good?

What do you think?

Can a controller on the site improve things?

Our AP are not IAP model, what is the choice that we make for the other sites?

Thank you.


Re: Contrôleur for WAN Network



can you just quick explain the needs of wifi ? Data ? VOIP ? large filles ? etc....


thing about which application you want to use the wifi for and we can thing after about the most suits ways to achieve it.



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Contrôleur for WAN Network

Transactions made in wifi are essentially RDP, web page protocol and FTP.

And in a minority still some communication client-server oracle for the part not virtualized wifi.

We also have a public wifi with portal .

No VOIP and large filles.

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Re: Contrôleur for WAN Network

Opinions ?

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