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Control Plane Security failure

So if I have a controller with control plane security turned on and for whatever reason there is a controller failure, what will happen to the AP's if a replacement controller is installed?


- Assume that the replacement controller has same or close to same firmware version

- Assume that replacement controller will have same exact config of old controller loaded via flashbackup.tar.gz backup file.


Will the AP's automatically reconnect to replacement controller?





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Re: Control Plane Security failure




If this is a replacement,  you will have to make the master relearn about all the APs and re-certify them. In order to do that, you can either turn auto-cert-prov ON for a while or manually enter the whitelist entries.  The APs will try using the certificate of the replaced controller and then fail.  Eventually they will fail trying to do that and re-certify.



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Re: Control Plane Security failure

Thanks Collin


That's what I pretty much figured but just was wanting some confimation befoe I talked to client about it.



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