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Controller CAP's & RAP's

Hi Airheads,


I've a doubt from long time....


we knew that 3400 controller can supports upto 64 CAP's and 64*4=256 RAP's.....


my question is while desiging for Aruba WLAN can i give 3400 controller for 100 AP's.... the reason behind to do give a solution in lower cost because Aruba competitor's are giving lower price than aruba.... so we need to win from them....


Just i'd like to know technically will it work by configuring all the AP's as RAP?


If yes then what would be the impact over CAP????


I hope Top Airheads will clear this doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Controller CAP's & RAP's



I think you can. But recommended, no.


Talking with one of the Aruba folks, the controllers are sized for the number of APs they will be processing/terminating. More APs means more CPU time for the controller. Basically, when they have 4 times as many RAPs as CAPs, they assume the RAPs will be using split-tunneling. Thus, less processing for the controller.  Unless the APs are very underutilized, you'll likely to get performance problems.

Is there a specific feature set your looking for that only the controller will do? Perhaps you could get all Instant APs and eliminate the controller altogether? I believe the 16 IAP limit is gone now. Also, if you ever need to convert to a IAP to a CAP or a RAP, you can. You should talk with a Aruba SE for any caveats with the IAPs.