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Controller DHCP on stretched VLAN

Hi Airheads,


We have a Master-Local deployment, with a tunnnelled guest network.

Each controller is in a different physical location, but the guest VLAN is 'stretched' i.e. L2 between the two sites. We're also running HA:Fast Failover (Active/Standby).


My question is, if we want to use the built-in DHCP server from the controller for this stretched VLAN, how should it be configured? 


Should we configure the scope identically on both controllers, or would that mean both controllers would be able to see and potentially try and respond to the DHCP request? How would this work during a failover?

Re: Controller DHCP on stretched VLAN

If you are to configure the DHCP server on both controllers in the same VLAN they will both respond to DHCP requests. You are better off using a dedicated DHCP controller to ensure only a single location is offering DHCP.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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