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Controller DNS Server and Gateway



Can I configure multiple gateways using (ip default-gateway command) ? 


Which 'show' command will show me the gateway address configured ?


How to configure DNS server IP address for the controller using command line (without using DHCP) ?

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Re: Controller DNS Server and Gateway

Yes, you can configure multiple default gateways.  "show ip route" will let you view which routes are configured.  Use the "ip default-gateway x.x.x.x" command.  If you don't specify a cost for the route, it will be equal to the one you have now.


You can configure a DNS server using:


ip domain lookup

ip name-server x.x.x.x


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Re: Controller DNS Server and Gateway

Our controller is trunked to a core router. Can we have specific gateways for each VLAN the controller has? What will be the cost associated with it? If we already have 1 gateway with a cost of 1, having another gateway for a different subnet with thesame cost shoud not matter?

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