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Controller IPv6 configuration for client access

I've recently begun testing IPv6 on our wireless network and everything appears to be working very well - I can browse the web on a dual-stacked laptop without noticing any difference, ssh into machines on their IPv6 address, etc. However, when I access test-ipv6.com I score a 1/10 with the following reasons given:


Our tests show that you may have MTU problems with IPv6; this can cause web sites to load slow (or not at all) when web sites enable IPv6.


Danger! IPv6 sorta works - however, large packets appear to fail, giving the appearance of a broken website. If a publisher publishes to IPv6, you will believe their web site to be broken. Ask your ISP about MTU issues; possibly with your tunnel. Check your firewall to make sure that ICMPv6 messages are allowed (in particular, Type 2 or Packet Too Big).


Our firewall permits all ICMPv6 messages, and machines on wired subnets score 10/10 on test-ipv6.com so I believe it might be a configuration issue on the Aruba controller.


Clients have 'v6-allowall' in their user role for testing, which is:


ip access-list session v6-allowall
  ipv6  any any any  permit


Does anyone have any ideas where I'm going wrong?

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