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Controller Reboots automatically

I have a Controller 7010 running at version and when i checked my boot summary i saw that the Controller has rebooted many times.

The Boot History shows Reboot Cause : Power Cycle however it shows a different register value everytime.

Can someone help me decrypt the code or is there a link i can refer to check the logs observed in Boot history.

The Logs observed are as follows:


Reboot Cause: Power Cycle (Intent:cause:register ee:ee:0:8000)  system

Reboot Cause: Power Cycle (Intent:cause:register ff:ff:0:8000) system

Reboot Cause: Power Cycle (Intent:cause:register ee:ee:50:1)    system


Can someone provide a link that can decrypt the register value that defines the reason for the Controller reboot.


Re: Controller Reboots automatically

There is no publicly available information on this. Some power outage can be ruled out in your case?


You can check with these commands if, any crash happened:

show crashinfo
show switchinfo

I would suggest you send this to TAC, together with the crash logs (if any) and the tech-support for them to analyze the root cause.


tar crash
tar logs tech-support

copy flash: crash.tar scp: <IP> <userid> <path>
copy flash: logs.tar scp: <IP> <userid> <path>

Please note that you are running quite dated code, closing in on its end of support date for this release train:



You might want to consider upgrading to the latest 6.5.x code. Recommended would be the Conservative Release (CR), which is currently Since 6.5.1 there have been many fixes for different unexpected reboot reasons of a controller.


Potentially there is even a fix in one of the patches helping with your problem.

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Re: Controller Reboots automatically

Thanks. Can you share the link to check the patch upgrade that can help resolve the issue.

Re: Controller Reboots automatically

The release notes for all 6.5.x versions are posted here: https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS/6.5.x.x/Default.htm

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