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Re: Controller Upgrade from OS 6.x to 8.x

The issue started when the customer ordered AP-345 by themselves.
Now they as seeking our support to terminate them in the existing network.


They wanted us to upgrade the controller without much downtime. Even they don't want to invest further on infrastructure.


I was thinking of upgrading the existing master local setup from OS 6.5 to 8.3. I was using the upgrade tool which gives me a new error every time. Upgrading the controller without downtime was impossible cz i got to know todya that its recommended to configure the MM from the scratch instead of migration tool (i dont have a shortcut now).


So after explaining MM concept to client, I got a temporary controller  from customer a while ago just to terminate APs temporarily. Now we will test the same in LAB for roaming, client database exchange, and other related issues.

My plan was to go with stand-alone but master-redundancy look pretty easy and less complicated where we have only two controllers.


I planned to find an easy and less complicated way to upgrade but now I have to do the configuration by myself because upgrading tool is not useful (in my situation).
I was thinking of saving some time however it's nice my situation brought me to this platform where I can meet techies.






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