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Controller-based AP 275 client connections

Recently we deployed a controller-based Aruba wireless system at a logistics center.  Operating on v6.5.3.3 firmware; we have AP 325s internally and AP 275s on the exterior wall above truck-loading bays.  The intent is to provide RF scanner coverage while inside the semi-trailer, and for drivers to have wireless in their cab.  


I'm not observing clients connecting to the AP 275s, despite their close physical proximity.  Radios are set to tx-power min/max 9-12 (2.4 GHz) and 15-18 (5 GHz).  Clients are dual-band scanners (MC92N0).  PSK-SSID on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios.  During UAT, a client went into a semi-trailer directly underneath an AP 275 and the client virtual beacon report reported the client  signal strength stronger an an AP 325 appx. 120' away inside the logistics center.  Shutting off the client device wireless and re-enabling still exhibits a propensity toward the AP 325s. 

Both AP 325s and 275s are mounted at ceiling height; appx. 30' above client.  The APs use the same group configuration, but based upon client reports/virtual beacon report, it appears the AP 275s are 'quieter' at the same proximity from clients.  Do I need to adjust/use different radio settings for AP 275s?

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Re: Controller-based AP 275 client connections

Are you using 20, 40 or 80 mhz channels on the 5ghz band?

Have you used a device like Aruba Utilities to test the signal strength outside of the AP-325s and 275s?

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Re: Controller-based AP 275 client connections

I have configured 20 MHz channels only for 5 GHz.  I have not used Aruba Utilities; I will check to see if there is a version available for use on our support laptop or Apple phone.  I am checking the client device configuration- the Zebra TC 8000's have configuration options to select specific 5 GHz channels.  It is suspect that there is a disparity between our offered 5 GHz channels and their configured 5 GHz channels.  

Re: Controller-based AP 275 client connections

Generally you want the outdoor APs at a higher power than the indoor APs, but I agree with Colin, getting some kind of wifi survey tool to screenshot the RF and indicate (to us or you) which is the outdoor and indoor will be a start. 


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