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Controller compatibility with older AP's


I have a question about compatibility between (older) HP access points and current Arbua controllers. In this case the current wireless envoriment exists of a few HP A-WA2110 (JD446B) access points and a HP 5800 ACM (JD443A) wireless LAN controller (NW module).

A new wireless network infrastructure will be realised in different phases. The first phase will be implementing a new LAN controller with 5 AP's (both from Aruba). The new enovirement will be implemented parallel to the current envoriment.
With this implementation there will be a complexity due management of the wireless network infrastructure.

Therfore i would like to know if it is possible to use the current (old HP) AP's on the new (to be) implemented Aruba wireless LAN controller, with a few new Aruba AP's. I already checked all datasheets but i couldn't recover this..

Please advise and thanks...

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Re: Controller compatibility with older AP's

This is not possible.

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Re: Controller compatibility with older AP's

Is ter an alternative from Aruba to combine this and create a single point of management?

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