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Controller deuthing the station

Hi all,


I was trying to connect to my mobile to wifi, when i connected it works fines for certain time . After that, it disconnects and connects. Its happening conitinously. And the  cause is, If RSSI is less than 20 at the station. What would be the solution, so that i can stop deauthing the stations???is there any option to avoid this>?





Re: Controller deuthing the station

With a low RSSI (Sub-20) you are likely to get sporadic results (disconnects), however it should not be due to de-auth.


What client are you using?  HW/SW version ?

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Re: Controller deuthing the station

I could see the following log:


sapd[716]: <404046> <WARN> |AP MHB-6F-WAP19@ sapd| AM 6c:f3:7f:3e:cd:d8: Low RSSI 15 detected for STA 18:87:96:8c:4a:1b BSS 6c:f3:7f:3e:cd:db ESS Manipal-Hosp Deauthing STA


I didnt observed with laptops. As of now i observed with mobile device.


Mobile HTC One X

S/W version Android 4.1.1


Controller :7220 v6.2.1.2

Re: Controller deuthing the station

Since you tend to walk around a lot with phones the device constantly will be roaming.
The deauth sometimes occurs in a roaming event since you can't have two associations, the ap you were associated has to deauth you first before you can go to the other ap the device is trying to roam to
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Controller deuthing the station

No ...

Its not roaming....there is only 1 AP .Now what we are implementing is in test phase.

I am testing with only 1 AP.




Re: Controller deuthing the station

I would have a look at the setting of "Station Handoff Assist".


Station Handoff Assist Allows the controller to force a client off an AP when the RSSI drops below a
defined minimum threshold.   Perhaps you will find your's ENABLED and set to 20 and that's whats coming into play here for you.


Worth verifying.


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Re: Controller deuthing the station

got it..



srikanth Soogoor

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