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Controller for Aruba AP93

I stupidly purchased two AP93 access points thinking they were IAP models.. they are not.  I am finding it hard to get a simple 620 or 650 controller that has AP licenses. 


I do not need a high end controller, just needs to support 2 APs, maybe more in the future, but for now just something to run the two AP93 I already have.


Finding anything used, eBay, etc. is almost impossible to tell if they are working, have a working firmware, or are the right version for the AP93. As a backstory I am familar with Cisco APs and Controllers and know that unless you have a valid support contract your not getting the firmware files. I would only assume Aruba is the same. 


So, What controller should I get to run a few AP93 access points?


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Re: Controller for Aruba AP93

Are you able to do a change order to get the correct model?


If not, your best route may be to sell the AP-93s and then buy the IAP model.


620 and 650 controllers are your best bet though. It may be worth contacting your Aruba partner or Aruba account team.

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Re: Controller for Aruba AP93

I already have them and paid cash for them. Like I said I am not experienced with Aruba at all, and figured these would make a good starting point to experiment with.


Do the Dell W-650 controllers have AP licenses already built in?  I know a Aruba 620-US does not support APs but the 620-US-4 will support 4. 


Guess I will troll eBay and see if I can find something that fits my budget of (as close to $0 as possible.)...


What is the oldest gen controller that supports a AP93? 800/2400 series?


Re: Controller for Aruba AP93

The AP93 can run on version or higher ArubaOS.  This means you could run them on a 200/800/2400 controller if you needed to (those older controllers can only run up to 5.x software).   Otherwise you can try and find a 620 or 650 controller.   The newer 7005 would also support those (but not at a $0 budget).


Either way, you'll need AP licenses.    Controllers with embedded licensing (-XX part number) include only the AP license, not the PEFNG or RFP licenses if you need/want them.   The older 200 controllers also have licensing on them.

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Re: Controller for Aruba AP93

For a 800 or 2400 sized controller is the licensing printed on the back? As in "Model: 2400-16"


2400 back panel


I am guessing the 4 Remote AP are not what I am looking for?


A200 License


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