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Controller limitations when using multizone

If I want to put our Guest SSID in a datazone DMZ controller would that have to be capable of the same number of AP's as our primary zone? Anotherwards currenlty we have smaller DMZ controllers because they were only used for a small number of raps but terminated GRE tunnels as well for guest wifi. These smaller controllers can't handle same number of AP's as our PZ will have on them. The PZ has 3 sets of 7220 controllers our DMZ only has a 7010 controller.


Re: Controller limitations when using multizone

You have to size it on the number AP's that will create a datazone tunnel to that controller. Don't forget RFP license on the primary zone.


Alternatively you can create a GRE tunnel to the DMZ controller, this way you only need to size the guest sessions since the ap's will only terminate on the 7220 controllers.

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