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Controller loses default route

Hello all,

Before I open a case with TAC, I would like to see if the community has any ideas about this problem.


- 7005 controller running connected in VLAN 1

- 11x AP-205 connected in VLAN 30


Randomly, the APs lost connection to the controller. Our monitoring system, outside the customer network, picks up on connectivity issues to the VLAN 1 IP address. The problem takes around 2-5 minutes to resolve itself without intervention.


During the problem though, the controller can be accessed from any other host locally in the VLAN 1 subnet. That's why I "identify" the problem as "controller looses default route". Both IP and default route are static.


To make sure this is not a general problem, I'm monitoring 2 other devices in the VLAN 1 network. They don't have any connection issues.


Couple of things tried already:

- made sure spanning-tree is not the cause of the issue. If this was the issue, then the controller would not be accessible from VLAN 1 either I would think

- during the problem, there is an ARP entry for the default gateway on the controller.

- connected the controller to another switch, mac address is not lost on the switch. Again, if this was the issue, then the controller would not be accessible from VLAN 1

- statically configured mac-address and ARP entry on the switch the controller is connected to

- checked the system log


As a workaround, because the AP's rebootstrapped or rebooted, I have put them in VLAN 1 for now. The connectivity issues are still there, but the users don't notice them any more (they are also in VLAN 1).


Thanks already.

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Re: Controller loses default route

Make sure there is no device that is taking over the controller's ip address at that time...

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Re: Controller loses default route

ARP table on the firewall does not change. So there is no duplicate IP address...


What I verified yesterday baffled me even more. I did 2 packet captures: one on the firewall and one on the Aruba Controller. During an outage I still see the monitoring packets arriving on the firewall, which forwards them to the right IP and the right MAC address.

In the packet capture on the controller I don't the packets arriving... The controller and the firewall are connected to the same switch. But if the firewall sends them and the controller does not receive, the problem must be on the switch?


So back to square one, I verified the interface counters on both switch and Aruba controller. No errors, nothing in particular. The switch is a Cisco 3560G. Any troubleshooting, logging commands that I could check would be appreciated.


If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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Re: Controller loses default route

HI Friend,


1. What type of Link you have between Switch and Aruba Controller, Trunk or Access ? prefer Trunk link and allow required VLANs.

2. Do you have any VLAN interface configured on Cisco Switch ? if yes, can you ping the switch from the Controller.


Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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