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Controller regulatory domain

Hi guys, I have a costumer that have a couple of controllers in stock and he is planning to use the but i have a question regarding the regulatory domain. Some of them are old controller he is planning to use just for a couple of months until he can get new hardware shipped to these places. Below my questions


1) Below controller is consider "rest of the world" as it is not showing -US or -IL or -JP, am i correct?


show ver
Aruba Operating System Software.
ArubaOS (MODEL: Aruba650), Version


2) For us sites the controller MUST saw -US, for Japan sites the controllers MUST say -JP, am i correct?


3) Controller based access points are universal and they will adapt to the country code configured as part of the initial wizard right? So if I select UK the AP will adapt to that regulatory domain?


4) Restricted controllers (US,JP,IL) can't be changed to a different country during the initial setup wizard


5) If a non US controller is deployed in the US i shoud advise them to remove it as soon as possible right?


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Re: Controller regulatory domain

1.  Use "show country trail" to see the regulatory domain:


Sun Sep 14 22:13:21 2014: Initializing hardware to empty domain
Sun Sep 14 21:20:01 2014: Setting hardware to restricted domain: US
Mon Nov  2 18:52:56 2015: Activating regulatory file: 1.0_52238
2016-06-16_21-03-36: Upgrade: domain US
2016-08-08_08-35-59: Upgrade: domain US
2016-09-17_08-12-07: Upgrade: domain US

 2.  Correct.

3.  Yes.  Campus APs follow the regulatory domain of the controller.  For instant APs, you must choose the regulatory domain ahead of time.  Instant APs converted to Campus APS "remember" their regulatory domain.

4.  Correct.

5.  Yes...

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