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Controller timezone

We have an Aruba 3400 Controller, we used it a month ago in China with IAP-135's converted to work with the controller.

Since then we have cleared the config and set it up for an event in SF with the correct timezone etc. yet when the wifi clients hop on the wireless, the NTP shows that they are in China when automatically setting time zone or going to maps.

Our version of code is

Input much appreciated.

Re: Controller timezone

Well, before you even attempt fixing the timezone issue, you are in violation of the regulatory domain laws as this controller is set to China and is now terminating APs in San Francisco.  

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Re: Controller timezone

With controllers the controllers are specific to the country code and the APs are universal. With IAPs running instant they're specific to a country as well.
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Re: Controller timezone

It's a US controller with US AP's deploying wifi at an event in China for a US company....why is that in violation of regulartory domain laws?

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Re: Controller timezone

In the US it would not be if it's a US controller, however in China (even if it's a US company) you would be subject to China's communications laws, so to operate in China you would need a controller that is built for that country code.

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Re: Controller timezone

Did you reset this controller? (write erase all)


If not, check if your regulatory domain profile for your AP-group is configured correctly. (AP-Group -> AP -> Regulatory domain)

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