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Copy and paste whole buildings in VisualRF?

What's the simplest way in VisualRF to export a building's floor plans (and external walls, etc.) and then import as a separate building on a "test" or virtual campus? For example, I have a 12 story building whose instance in VisualRF I don't want to alter, but I want to do a mockup--or even several-- where I use different model access points or arrange them differently.

Like I said, I don't want to mess up my existing plans, but reimporting each floor plan and redrawing all the exterior walls for all the buildings I want to do this with would take forever. Is there a simple/quick way of doing this?

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Re: Copy and paste whole buildings in VisualRF?

Right-click the building and choose "export floor plans". You can choose what campuses/buildings/floors you wish to export. Then, import in your test environment (different server) or with the VisualRF planner.
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Re: Copy and paste whole buildings in VisualRF?

If you're doing planning instead of using real APs - you can use the VisualRF standalone planning tool.  You can use Ryan's method for exporting and importing.  The standalone tool works from a window's machine and helps create a predictive image of what deployments will looke like.


Alternatively, if you want to do this all from the same AMP: create a new campus and building for your test view.  Then go to the actual building, and duplicate the floor plan.  Once duplicated, you can edit that floor plan and move it to the test building.  From there you can run the same types of planning mock ups as you would with the VisualRF standalone tool.

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