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Correct Aruba OS version?

Hi everyone


We have been running 8.4.x code for a fair while now, we are currently on I have seen a fair bit of chatter on mailing lists over Airgroup issues with this code branch (Thankfully Airgroup works fine for us currently)

More concerning I have also seen a large number of posts over intel wireless chipsets and .ax connectivity issues, this was more Cisco based, but Im seeking clarification over whether these issues exist for Aruba as well?

Driver updates seem to fix it, but currently recommended practice for large installations is to turn off .ax functionality until the user base have updated their drivers.

Also as we are about to start an WiFi 6 rollout (135 x AP515) should I be moving to 8.5 code, and can I go straight to from




Re: Correct Aruba OS version?



should I be moving to 8.5 code, and can I go straight to from


It good to upgrade to 8.5.X , Even recommended .


When using AP5XX , Be sure do use 8.5.X , And yes u may upgrade directly from to 8.5.0.X. ( Always backup before )

Be sure to be with updated client drivers / u may disable 802.11ax feature of no 802.11ax are on-site. Be sure to utilize 20/40 insted of 80 if u see high 5GHz usage.

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Re: Correct Aruba OS version?

Thanks for the heads up and the channel width advice

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