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Correct syntax for CLI command

Reading the user manual, goal is to get a BSSID table, not quite sure how to word it if I want to filter out everything except one SSID. 


(I don't have CLI access, just able to run commands from the Airwave interface. So I need to forward the text of the command to our admin, just not sure how it should look, bracket and caret wise).


BONUS question

if possible (this one might be asking too much)...

I'd like just the last 2 octets of each BSSID string.


So I'd want something like this:




Re: Correct syntax for CLI command

show ap bss-table | include <things to match>

e.g.  show ap bss-table | include e4:f3


or, from airwave (e.g. log into airwave then use this URL)

https://<your airwave ip>/api/ap_bssid_list.xml


see help for params/options to above API call

https://<your airwave ip>/api#AP_BSSID_List_API


if you want to manipulate the data so you just get the last 4 bytes, you can either post process the CLI output, or, use some sort of script to parse the XML output of the Airwave API




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