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Country code details

Hi everyone,


I want to grab the configuration from a controller of one country (FR) and install it to a controller of another country (CZ).


My goal is to do it with just restoring the flash and adding the licences. However I know that the restore procedure changes the country code too. So the question is, what does the country code affect?


- Does it auto change the frequencies? (in this case they are the same, EU)

- Does it change anything else?

- Can I:

   *backup flash (FR)
   *hardcode these two commands for CZ in the default.cfg of the tar.gz file?

ap regulatory-domain-profile "default"
   country-code CZ
country CZ

   * upload and restore the file to the new controller

   * Import licenses, change IPs, hostname etc


Any chance this will not work or affect the operation of the controllers? Any more changes required?



Re: Country code details

I never tried to restore backups from different country code controllers. I don't even know if restoring a flash backup will change the country code of a controller as that code is not expected to change after the initial installation. The only way I know is by doing a full 'write erase all' and start all over.


If you have Airwave, you can fetch the old controller config in Airwave, then push it back to your new controller that you configured to the correct country code. You will lose stuff like your AP database, but if you enable automatic whitelisting, that database should be recreated pretty quickly (AP's will go through a few reboots, so the process may take may be 15 minutes before your AP's return.


Also, for a Rest-of-World controller, which you have as both FR and CZ are outside the US, you can set different country codes on you AP Groups through the AP regulatory domain profile. That AP Group regulatory domain profile may be different from the controller regulatory domain. So having the controller domain to another country is not a real problem, however I would personally like to have that set to a logical country as others looking at your controller may be confused by a 'wrong' regulatory domain.



Option 1: Leave it as is; and use the AP regulatory domain in the AP groups to get the right setting.

Option 2: Try is a flash restore leaves the country and use the flash backup/restore procedure to fix.

Option 3: Migrate the config with Airwave, or manual in a text file, which will clear your ap database, local user database, installed certificates that you may need to reinstall if used.



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Re: Country code details

Hi Herman,


Thanks for the reply. Well I did a mix of the above. The first one was indeed an option though I didn't want only the AP to have the correct country. Many times I have many controllers from many cities open and the gui shows the country. I wouldn't like to push any config to the wrong country. The guid shows the country of the controller. And I don't have airwave.


My first idea was to:


a) backup flash with the city whose design I wanted to copy.

b) hardcode the controller and ap country (though the second can be done any time easily).


This worked on a switch perfectly allowing me to do only reip. However the second switch got stuck in a reboot loop which cost me a fare amount of time. So what I did was:


a) Restored the previous flash within the 1 min time I had between the reboots.

b) And instead of restoring the flash, I edited the .cfg to the controller and copied it to the controller as default2.cfg. The new design was set without restoring with another city's flash.


I did open an idea case to Aruba to change this, since this have beena problem for me more than once, and possibly other users too.




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