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Create a guest account


We would like to allow employees who are at the reception of the building to provide a visitor wifi to our visitors.


The "Instant guest users" portal does not suit us.


We would like to use a script. I saw that it was possible via SSH to use the command local-userdb but it is not available with the version we have.


Aruba type 205


Would you have an idea please?


Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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RE: Create a guest account

The desired requirements are too broad.
Do you want to organize a separate web page?

Alternatively, you can use clearpass.

Current version configuration information is needed.
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RE: Create a guest account

I will try to be more precise.


When a visitor comes to the reception, an employee gives him a visitor wifi by connecting to the "Instant guest users" interface.


The guest connects to the "captive portal" and inserts his username and password that has been provided.


The username contains the company name and a random password.


The problem is that when the employee creates the visitor account via "Instant guest users", the credentials created by the employee and the credentials provided by the employee to the visitor may be different due to an employee error. The visitor wants to log in and the username and password are not correct.


When you say that we can use clearpass, I suppose you are talking about the ClearPass Guest module which will have an additional cost?


Regarding an external web page, can you tell me more?


Thank you in advance for your answer.

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RE: Create a guest account

I found a solution that I would like to automate.


I log in SSH:

1. username

2. password
1. configure
2. user add "username" "password" portal
3. end
4. commit apply
5. exit


Manually, the guest wifi is created.


I would like to automate this task via a script using PLINK.


plink username@ipaddress -pw password -m commands.txt


The command works if I do not use the -m commands.txt

When I add the commands.txt -m I have the message "Aborted".


Do you have an idea?


Best regards,

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RE: Create a guest account

Finally, to automate guest wifi creation, I connect to the controller via PLINK and send commands via AutoIT (Send)


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RE: Create a guest account

Hi i am also looking for such kind of solution.

Can you share the script ?


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RE: Create a guest account



Here is the script via autoit:

#include <Constants.au3>

$username = ""
$password = ""

$PPID = Run("C:\plink.exe -ssh login@ipcontroller -pw password", "", @SW_SHOW)
Send("user " & $username & " " & $password & " portal")
Send("commit apply")
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