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Custom Controller Captive Portal Problem

I have a customer who is trying to upload a custom captive portal page in the controller. The format and look of the page is good, but cannot get the submit buttom to submit the page and go to welcome page. The page looks like this:



The goal is to redirect guest to this page (working fine), have them click Log In, and then redirect them to the welcome page.


it appears the login is not working properly, if you click the Log In button, it just goes to a blank page and their user role is not changed from pre-auth to post-auth. 


The HTML code for the Log In is below:


<form action="login" id="guestform" emweb_name="captive_portal_guest" method="post" title="Form used by guest users to login">

<div id="emailbox">
<input id="email" name="email" type="hidden" class="text" value="guest@email.com" accesskey="e" autocomplete="off">

<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="authenticate">
<input type="submit" name="Login" value="Log In" class="button">


I tried unchecking both guest login and user login, as this is only an accept button, but that did not work. I tried changing it to guest login and force the value of "guest@email.com", but that doens't seem to work either. 


I know it's either my HTML code or the configuration in the CP profile, but don't know which or both. I've gone through an Aruba document explaining the configuration, but can't see to get it to work correctly.




Michael Haring
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Re: Custom Controller Captive Portal Problem

You are missing something like this:


<FORM method="post" autocomplete="off" ACTION="/auth/index.html/u">


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Re: Custom Controller Captive Portal Problem

That was the final piece. Thanks!

Michael Haring
If my answer is helpful, a Kudos is always appreciated!
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