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Customer with AP93's wants upgrade



I have a customer with a 620 controller and 4 x AP93 and 1 x AP105's.  They want to increase thier wireless speed and have asked about 802.11ac.  Can the 620 controller support AP225? I appreciate that I will need to upgrade to the latest firmware.   I was thinking that it may not be worth the customer upgrading to AC if the throughput on the controller will get bottle necked.  Am I right in thinking that the 620 only has 1 x gigabit LAN port?  Any advice / thoughts would be appreicated.  Thanks

Re: Customer with AP93's wants upgrade

I would definitely recommend replacing the 620. Use the New 7005 controller.  It is about the cost of an AP and has some other tricks up its sleeve like stateful firewalling, application visibility and control, web URL filtering, and it can be powered from a PoE port!  


For more info, see here - http://www.arubanetworks.com/products/mobility-controllers/7000-series/


You now have 3 choices for 11ac APs.  If the customer is budget constrained, for the same costs roughly or maybe a bit less, they can get the 7005 + the AP205s or the AP215s vs the 225s.  


For this install, since the AP205 is the 11ac replacement for the AP105, please consider this as it's the same cost.  For better performance, consider the AP215.



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Re: Customer with AP93's wants upgrade

HI Seth


Many thanks for your advice, much appreciated.  I'll quote the customer accordingly.





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