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Customize Captive Portal - Upload File Problem

I am trying to upload our customized captive portal web page to the controller, we have encounter following error


<?xml version="1.0"?>


<![CDATA[System has low free memory and/or low free disk space. Please delete unwanted files by accessing WebUI Maintenance > File > Delete Files, reload the controller to recover free memory and try uploading the image again. If it fails again, try other upgrade options.]]>



The controller is new installed and still have  


(DS219CR01) # show storage
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
none                      2.0G      3.1M      2.0G   0% /tmp
/dev/usb/flash3           3.3G    143.0M      3.0G   4% /flash

(DS219CR01) # show meme  
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

(DS219CR01) # show mem

Memory (Kb): total: 3022976, used: 823196, free: 2199780


Is there anyway that we can upload this customized page via CLI? It seems to the the loader has some problem in writing file into flash.


Thank you for the help!





Re: Customize Captive Portal - Upload File Problem

Hi Wilson

yes, this is the same issue as your other thread Insufficient-memory-and-or-disk-space-during-controller-upgrade


It is fixed in as bug 105664.


There is no way to do it via the CLI directly, but we can do it indirectly using a modified flashbackup file which can be restored onto the controller.


email me (my forum username is my aruba email) all the files (zip them first so they dont get eaten by spam firewall) what you want to add to the custom CP and the name of the CP profile you want and I will send you back the file and the instructions.




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Re: Customize Captive Portal - Upload File Problem

Hi Jeff,

  After change the log-in setting in L3 Authentication page, we have observed following login in error-log


Dec 8 20:41:46 <authmgr 199802>  <ERRS> |authmgr|  ncfg_init.c, configure_cp_prof:2061: Unable to create ACL for "/upload/custom/CGST_Guest3-cp_prof/index.html" for profile : CGST_Guest3-cp_profOption login-page not begining with http


Is there are some wrong with the setting?





Re: Customize Captive Portal - Upload File Problem

hi Wilson

not sure, let's take it offline with me in email, we will work it out there.



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