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DHCP Option 82 Sub Option 2

Has anyone used the dhcp option 82 before ?


We are trying to enable the option 82 in the controller with MAC+ESSID.


When we use wireshark to view the dhcp request, it seems like the request is going to Sub Option 1 instead of Sub Option 2 as specified in the rfc3046.


The Sub Option 2 in the controller enabled is only sending SSID in the Agent Remote ID instead of SSID+MAC.


Can anyone help verify if Aruba dhcp option 82 support Sub Option 2 ?





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Re: DHCP Option 82 Sub Option 2



I see there is a option to set either Mac or mac essid. But, i dont know what is the purpose of it. 


By the way i was looking at the rfc, that you mentioned http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3046


which section mention about the sub-option1 and sub-option2

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