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DHCP Relay - controller capacity



We are attempting to isolate our user device MACs from our core network.  To faciliate this, we would like to add a layer 3 interface to every user data network and perform DHCP Relay at that point.  My question is:  what is the controller's capacity to handle DHCP Relay?

Our configuration currently looks like:


2 x 7240s running in master / master via VRRP, ArubaOS

12,000 unique concurrent devices

Approximately 500,000 DHCP Requests / day


Thanks for any insight,




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Re: DHCP Relay - controller capacity

I doubt engineering has tested this. If they have numbers it would be real world at a customer site. 


I do however have a customer running 7240's with 8-9K unique devices and dhcp relay running on each van without issue. I would start with a baseline of your controllers then add a few DHCP helpers vlans at a time and keep track of the load/processes. 



David Dipert
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Re: DHCP Relay - controller capacity



Thanks for the reply with your experience.  The sizing you've seen lets me know the controllers shouldn't be an issue.





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