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DHCP breaks when transitioning to Infoblox

(cross posted from MVP group)  
Hi all,


We have been using IPControl on campus to manage DHCP services for our client pools. We are currently in the process of migrating to Infoblx for DHCP and DNS services.


In a test environment with an open SSID, a client successfully receives a lease when the vlan (subnet) is sourced from IPControl, as expected. When we disable the subnet on IPControl and enable it on Infoblox the device does not get a lease. What we see in the logs is that Infoblox hears the client discovery and it sends an offer, but the client does not receive the offer. When the vlan is restored back to IPControl the client gets a lease. This occurs on several OSs and client device types.


The SSID is open (no encryption). We are running


Any thoughts? Do I need to tell the controller what the authoritative DHCP server is? I don't recall doing this in the past.




Mike Dickson
Network Analyst
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Re: DHCP breaks when transitioning to Infoblox

I understand there is no difference in terms of config other than different dhcp servers in place. 

However can we make we do the basic sanity checks to make sure things are configured in correct way.


Are we able to ping the controller to infobloc dhcp server ?

Is the client VLAN L2 or L3 ?  If it is layer 2'; we need to make sure it is been trunked all the way to the server.

Is the default-gateway for the client is controller or external and do we have any relay agent configuration?

Is the DHCP offer reaches the controller ?


To check that please enable debugging from config mode as below

#logging level debugging network process dhcp subcat dhcpd

# show log network all | include <client mac address>


Thanks !







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Re: DHCP breaks when transitioning to Infoblox

Do you have a helper address on the vlan interface config on your router pointed towards Infoblox? 


We're using infoblox and have not seen this.

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Re: DHCP breaks when transitioning to Infoblox

We may have found the fix. Has to do with the new dhcp helpers on the upstream j router and what seems to be a bug with apply-path inheritence. I'll post more later after additional testing. Thanks for evreyone's inpu!t!



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Re: DHCP breaks when transitioning to Infoblox

Please do share the details. I am having a similar issue with clients authenticating and receiving DHCP.

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Re: DHCP breaks when transitioning to Infoblox

Yes share please!! 

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