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DHCP fingerprinting with IAP and PSK authentication



I was just curisous if it is possible to leverage DHCP fingerprinting when authenticating devices via PSK. We have several devices that do not support or easily support 802.1X authentication, but that need to be seperated into different roles and VLANs. I've been told that you have to use CPPM to do the fingerprinting when using IAP, but that leads me to believe that 802.1X is the only supported authentication method then.


I'm thinking the answer is no since PSK does not require the AP to verify anything other than a locally stored PSK, so it would not reach out to CPPM at all.


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Re: DHCP fingerprinting with IAP and PSK authentication

You could leverage mac authentication along with the PSK to steer devices to roles and/or VLANs based on what ClearPass knows about the device.

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