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Re: DHCP server on wireless not working

I had this same exact issue with a cent os box running dhcp. It was wired to the controller however. i called aruba support and the anwser they gave me was to run dhcp on the controller. We could not figure out why the controller would not pass dhcp replies to clients. my setup was working fine for a month, and then one day the entire guest network was down. So just know this is an actual issue. I was on a 3200 controller with I believe. 

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Re: DHCP server on wireless not working

This is slightly different, in this case the DHCP server is not wired to the controller but it's on the air associate to a virtual AP, the question here is that DHCP DISCOVER sent by another wireless client is not coming to the dhcp server "on the air".


According to aruba, there is some configs guide to avoid wireless dhcp servers offering ip to clients "on the air" for example make some ALC entry like "user any udp 68 deny" just to avoid sending DHCP OFFER from server in the air to anyone, but the question is that even DHCP DISCOVER can't reach the potential wireless DHCP server.


I don't know if someone have tested this config.

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